Corporate JESTER

“Foolery, sir, does walk about the orb like the sun, it shines everywhere.”
—William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

The Court Jester is a universal phenomenon. He crops up in every court worth its salt in medieval and Renaissance Europe, in China, India, Japan, Russia, America and Africa.

As Corporate JESTER, Randy presents keynote ‘experiences’ and other workshops that he offers to businesses. He is also willing to tailor the presentation to your company’s needs.  Contact Randy today to discuss your next company event by calling (207) 233-2339 or by email to book him for your next business retreat, board meeting, employee retirement party, etc.

Keynote Presentations:

”Laughing In The Face Of Change”

Randy is a humor consultant who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. He is a professional character comedian, a practitioner of humor who entertains his audiences while delivering poignant messages on coping with change.

He focuses everyone’s attention on the opportunity to cultivate a sense of joy in being alive, to overcome the stress that keeps us from living fully, and to develop strategies for more levity in our personal and professional lives.

Randy’s alter-ego, Dr Hugh Merris will highlight critical research along with his TOP 10 Reasons For More Laughter In Your Life!

Attendees will experience a profound approach of education within an entertaining framework and understand the essence of what it means to embrace one’s ‘Laugh Life’.

And finally, participants will come away with an appreciation for and a commitment to nurturing a sense of humor and joy in their lives.


Creativity and Consulting – Collaborating Cousins

Do you brim with unique ideas in your work, or do you bring “same old, same old” to the table? Do you wish you could more fully engage your clients and collaboration partners with fresh approaches, but you tell yourself “I’m not creative?” Or, do you think you don’t need to be original to define, market, sell and deliver your services with highest impact?

It is not a surprise that Randy Judkins infuses his practice with creativity. He is, after all, an entertainer and keynote speaker of national and international renown. He is a master of creativity in front of a group. He is also a master of creativity as a business person. Just like any consultant, he has to differentiate himself continuously in order to attract and retain clients.

Randy has developed a defined creative process to give himself a competitive edge in all aspects of his business. He will teach us that process as he de-mystifies creativity and walks us through the steps he uses. You will leave this useful, enjoyable, meaningful and memorable presentation with ideas you can apply right away to refresh your own business.


Your presentation was a HOME RUN! It was exactly what the teachers needed....a combination of humor and inspiration.

~ Nancy Penna Curran
Maine Music Educators Association

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