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“It was especially significant to see a variety comedian present who genuinely understands the rigors of the ‘big business world’. The knowledge you’ve gained and the research you’ve done have paid off for you. You have a unique ‘niche’ in the conference world to convey a professional message with such a talented performance.”

P. Hogan – Manchester Area Human Resources Association

Too often motivational speakers confuse true inspiration with cookie-cutter ploys on PowerPoint slides. That’s why as a professional performer years in the making, Randy doesn’t believe in taking the conventional route. Ever.

There’s a saying around our workplace: For every data-heavy, word-packed slide, there’s one audience member whispering, “Where did they find this guy?” Welcome to Randy’s worst nightmare. Always working to generate fresh and memorable material, Randy has set a different measurement of success for himself over the years—one that values sheer originality as a performance standard.

When booking Randy as a motivational speaker for your event, one should expect to be surprised. Of his many guises, our team never knows which one is going to inspire Randy that day. It’s easy to see, then, why so many audiences ask him to come back for multiple performances. You’ll never quite get the same Randy!

Honest Approach

In addition to valuing creative reinvention, Randy takes an honest approach when speaking to any audience. This is because he believes that being most effective means getting real with your viewers.

While always maintaining a clear professionalism, Randy will push the boundaries of what you consider to be ‘motivational speaking.’ In truth, he prefers to air issues that we deal with on a day-to-day basis, so that he may make light of some harsher realities and help individuals cope with their surroundings.

It’s not all about coping, though. Instead, Randy prefers to take an active charge in helping audiences strategize ways to make their lives easier. After seeing Randy in action, you will notice the energy he injects into every performance. It is that type of energy he hopes to translate back into our daily lives, and ultimately, change the way we view bettering them.

Past Experience

We like to think of Randy as a veteran performer seasoned with greatness. His unique inspirational style gains strength from years of speaking to a variety of audiences, which would also explain the versatility in his caliber of entertainment.

Taking a look back down Randy’s professional timeline, one might think it of him as Maine’s own Master of Disguise. And yet, he is anything but.

In 2005, Randy helped raise over $1200 for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Portland by gathering sponsors for the annual Beach to Beacon race. He’s also served twice as the Master of Ceremonies for the Patrick Dempsey Challenge Banquet for Hope and Healing—a place he solidified his passion for helping individuals.

Years before, Randy founded what has been called, “The best comedy act in New England.” The Maine Hysterical Society has since made a name for itself performing comedic sketches and ballads about their native state of Maine.

From instructing at Juilliard to inspiring students at the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Clown College, Randy has never stuck to just one passion. Instead, he perpetually devotes himself to challenging how he can entertain his next audience. No wonder we never really know what’s in store!

Randy’s Reel

In his native state of Maine, Randy has built quite the reputation on screen, with a portfolio including a handful of television commercials and independent films. This experience was further complimented by his position as a character consultant for the prestigious Tri-Star Pictures production studio.

As a result, Randy has been hired in the past to teach classes to theater majors on comedy, mimicry, and circus at the esteemed The Juilliard School of Drama in New York City, as well as the well-known Stephens College.

All of these accolades have landed Randy the honor of serving audiences around the world. Furthermore, they are what fuel his practice, and make it possible for Randy to travel directly to your company or event whenever desired.

Scheduling Information

In light of his national performances, Randy receives many requests on a daily basis. Allow us to reiterate: This does not make yours any less important. That’s why if you have specific questions regarding how to book Randy for your business or event, please do not hesitate to contact him today.

To reach Randy directly, he can be reached via cell at (207) 233-2339 or via email. Given the high demand, Randy and our staff promises to return your request as soon as possible.

Be sure to leave your name, number, and a brief message about your event. All of Randy’s performances appeal to audiences around the world, and therefore, do not discriminate based on age, region or financial capacity. Randy performs because he loves making audiences happy, and will work with you to reach an agreeable conclusion. This is why Randy encourages all of his customers to provide him with any comments, complaints, or feedback regarding their situation or preferences. By doing so, Randy Judkins can provide a service that is wholly tailored to the customer’s needs.

We look forward to hearing from you and have a marvelous day!

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We would recommend Randy Judkins as an entertainer, a philosopher, a motivator, coach, and quite possibly an agility trainer!

~ Rick Beaulieu
Springer's Jewelers

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