Team Building

Connect, Communicate, Collaborate

A master facilitator of cooperative game play, improvisation and dynamic group activities, Randy creates a bonding experience for any group of professionals, colleagues or parents. In a couple hours or up to an entire day, the shared memory of this workshop provides a work team or affinity group with common ground, lots of laughing and an understanding of successful teamwork.

Participants emerge appreciating each other on more of an emotional level, thinking more flexibly, communicating clearly, and reacting more openly to alternative strategies in the work place.

Aren’t these titles of some of his favorite activities intriguing?…

  • People to People
  • Common Ground
  • You’ve Got a Lot on Your Plate
  • Group Juggle
  • Backups
  • Zen Count
  • Throne of Compliments
  • Airplane
  • King Game
  • Yes And…
  • Double Mirror
  • Bus Stop
  • Gibberish Dictionary
  • Jeepers Peepers
  • Ping Pong Story
  • Word Ball
  • Ovation

Contact Randy today by calling (207) 233-2339 or by email to book him for your next business event.

Randy was the perfect speaker to kick off our annual conference. Just what we needed. Nice humor and antics, but with a message—"lighten up"!

~ Don Godfrey
The Mortgage Office

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