Elementary School Anti-Bullying

Be a S.T.A.R., Not a Bully

Be a S.T.A.R., Not a Bully! That’s all it takes. After years of working within schools throughout U.S., Randy realized how simple and effective this message might be if young audiences could always stay engaged. That’s why this highly interactive presentation was built with the focus of bridging together two vital forces: education and entertainment.

In Be a S.T.A.R., Not a Bully, Randy helps teach children the importance of making friends and respecting one another. By presenting information using vivid storytelling and original characters, Randy’s anti-bullying program transcends the age divide—providing both students and teachers with strategic ways to build boundaries into bridges.

Over the years, this program has proven to be incredibly successful for children ages 8 to 14. In teaching students how to manage interpersonal struggles, Randy emphasizes the need to rely on each other while embracing one another’s differences. What makes Randy truly stand out, however, is the enthusiasm he brings to the stage, and the passion he implements to create.

Innovative Approach

Audiences all over America describe Randy’s approach to teaching as both hysterical and heartwarming. His innovative techniques are crucial for keeping adolescent interest levels high, which makes quite the impression when speaking to groups of children with limited attention spans!

It’s easy to see how Randy’s originality stems from his many, many guises. As a professional performer, Randy channels a slew of different characters to tell students one enrapturing story. In the case of Be a S.T.A.R., Not a Bully, Randy illustrates how to withstand bullying by putting on a variety of unforgettable performances all at once.

Ultimately, it takes knowing one’s audience to inspire and affect long-lasting change. Every day, Randy makes it a point to practice such a belief by taking the time to not only learn who his students are, but learn what they need to feel empowered and thriving.

Past Experience

In the past, Randy began developing Be a S.T.A.R., Not a Bully as a means of helping his most cherished audience: students. Randy thought that if he could study what makes close relationships work, then he might also more easily teach students how to establish meaningful connections in the world.

After visiting schools throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe, Randy grew to embrace each audience for its individualized quirks and character. It is for this reason so many institutions, such as the Juilliard School of Drama and Stephens College, have asked Randy to serve in various teaching capacities over the years.


It’s not hard to believe that Randy’s unorthodox approach is what keeps audiences wanting more. From founding the famed Maine Hysterical Society to instructing at the Ringling Brothers Clown College, Randy is a comedic pioneer whose dedication to social education remains unsurpassed.


Follow-up Workshop

Every act needs an encore—and Randy has many. In this follow-up workshop to Be a S.T.A.R., Not a Bully, Randy revisits the presentation’s anti-bullying message and works to reform strategies based on a more individual level.

Each of these workshops are tailored to match your school’s character, education and overall social curriculum. In that way, Randy is able to customize his presentation in order to more effectively inspire students by tackling issues they confront every day.

The ultimate goal? Teach students how to cement positive relationships for life, while working to promote their self-esteem. And how does Randy intend to do so? By providing entertainment that makes students want to listen. By giving them invaluable knowledge to take throughout life. By being the friend, teacher and student that influences how they will conceive of their potential.

Scheduling Information

Due to his previous performances, Randy receives a number of requests on a daily basis. Such does not make yours any less important. If you have any specific questions regarding how to book Randy for your school or event, please do not hesitate to contact him today.

To reach Randy directly, he can be reached via cell at (207) 233-2339 or via email. In spite of the high demand, Randy promises to return your request as promptly as possible. Schools take top priority, and Randy embraces any chance he can to meet with new groups of students.

Make sure to leave your name, number, and a brief message about your school. Be a S.T.A.R., Not a Bully is intended for audiences around the world, and therefore appeals to every region according to the social issues at play. Again, this workshop is constructive because it focuses precisely on the school environment and its surrounding social region. It is, thus, very important that Randy get a sense of the school’s culture, so that he may best attend to the students’ needs and concerns.

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We appreciate your time and have a wonderful day!

We would recommend Randy Judkins as an entertainer, a philosopher, a motivator, coach, and quite possibly an agility trainer!

~ Rick Beaulieu
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