Teachers & Staff (Companies Too!)

Keynote Presentation:

”Laughing In The Face Of Change”

Randy is a humor consultant who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. He is a professional character comedian, a practitioner of humor who entertains his audiences while delivering poignant messages on coping with change.

He focuses everyone’s attention on the opportunity to cultivate a sense of joy in being alive, to overcome the stress that keeps us from living fully, and to develop strategies for more levity in our personal and professional lives.

Randy’s alter-ego, Dr Hugh Merris will highlight critical research along with his TOP 10 Reasons For More Laughter In Your Life!

Teachers and staffs will experience a profound approach of education within an entertaining framework and understand the essence of what it means to embrace one’s ‘Laugh Life’ in an educational environment.

And finally, participants will come away with an appreciation for and a commitment to nurturing a sense of humor and levity in their workplace and personal relationships.

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“Randy Judkin’s performance was a breath of fresh air. His message, subtly delivered, was relevant to me both as teacher and as person. I’m thinking about how to incorporate more humor into my classroom persona. Randy is a very professional and skilled performer. This was a very relaxed way to begin the year.”

~High School English Teacher

Randy would love to come to your school today and help your children, your teachers and staff. Call Randy at (207) 233-2339 or email him to arrange for his visit to your school.



You not only had everyone juggling but also laughing uncontrollably. We had so much fun.

~ Scott Harriman
Cumberland County Federal Credit Union

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