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Self-esteem is such an important quality and we know it is sometimes difficult to build a proper level in a child. Randy has helped probably thousands of students in middle schools,  high schools and youth groups with his entertaining but message-specific presentations on self-esteem building.

Keynote Presentation:

Full Esteem Ahead

This is EDUtainment at its very best: an educational message wrapped in top quality entertainment. Where there’s esteem, there’s fire. And Randy Judkins’ Full Esteem Ahead is very ‘hot’.

How we feel about ourselves is so vital to how we feel about other people.  Our level of self-esteem greatly determines how well we work and play with others, how well we handle our responsibilities, and how far we go in life.

Randy Judkins’ keynote presentation/performance of Full Esteem Ahead is a proven self-image booster. A nudge, a shot in the arm, a spark – all describe the renewed or newly discovered sense of invigoration, motivation, and purpose his audiences take with them. Getting “on track” begins with realizing that every individual is born with an enormous potential to achieve and Randy has a special knack for putting his audiences on a first-class self-esteem roll.

More than inspiring, the Full Esteem Ahead program is enduring. Randy has a gift for creating endearing, comical characters who interact with and compel his audiences. Anecdotal and visual humor give his sketches on peer pressure, self concept, positive risk taking and other self esteem issues a fresh, and more important, a memorable spin. And always, the underlying message is to take charge of your own self-esteem… to keep it not only uncovered, but also polished as it helps carry you through life with confidence.

Bonded with laughter, spectators emerge empowered and ready to embrace the priority of building high esteem in themselves and in others.

Full Esteem Ahead Workshop

Randy’s Full Esteem Ahead follow-up Workshop is a wonderful opportunity to complement and drive home the keynote presentation’s messages. Each adaptable session is age appropriate, extremely interactive and fully customizable to fit nicely within your school’s character education or social issues based curriculum.

Examples of where this performance has been presented?

  1. Teen Conferences
  2. High Schools
  3. Middle Schools
  4. Wellness Conferences
  5. Peer Leadership Trainings
  6. YMCAs & YWCAs
  7. Young People Community Outreach
  8. Drug Awareness Programs
  9. Career Days
  10. Youth Groups

For other school-oriented programs, Randy offers, please click below:

Randy would love to come to your school today and help your children, your teachers and staff. Call Randy at (207) 233-2339 or email him to arrange for his visit to your school.

Your presentation was fabulous! The Project SEARCH students responded right away to your humor, your incredible talent, and also to the manner in which you tucked the message inside your performance...

~ Cindy Schram
University of New Hampshire

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