What Folks are Saying

We’re always happy to have you train or present for us because of the high quality and engaging nature of your work.

~Gregory Ryan
Connecticut Assets Network

On behalf of the Sacopee Valley JMG [Jobs for Maine’s Graduates] I would like to say thank you for coming to our I & I. Your performance was by far the most hilarious and uproarious performances I’ve ever witnessed. I can assure you that everyone who was there enjoyed that performance as immensely as I did. I hope that in the future you can come to our school and entertain us in the way only you can.

~ James. D Gammon
Sacopee Valley High School
Hiram, Maine

Your enthusiasm, wit and talent combined with your wisdom set the perfect tone for our meeting. Everyone I have spoken with enjoyed your humor and the chance to meet you.

~ Dallas Martin
Past President of N.A.S.F.A.A.

The Department of Education and the Maine Association of School Nurses wish to express our deepest gratitude for your participation in this years School Nurse Summer Institute at Thomas College. You had numerous comments including “Wonderful, Excellent presentation, Fabulous fun, A delight, Very enjoyable and educational, Great – have him return, Outstanding, Super, Awesome, Loved it” – and I could go on.

~DeEtte Hall
State of Maine
Department of Education


Randy was the perfect speaker to kick off our annual conference. Just what we needed. Nice humor and antics, but with a message—"lighten up"! Take what you do seriously, but not so much yourself!

~ Don Godfrey
The Mortgage Office

Randy, your presentation was a HOME RUN! It was exactly what the teachers needed....a combination of humor and inspiration...a perfect recipe! Inviting you as our KEYNOTE speaker was a complete departure from previous practice. I am happy to report both the format and presentation were well received as evidenced by the standing ovation. THANK YOU!!

~ Nancy Penna Curran
Maine Music Educators Association

I knew that I was creating a pretty tough day for you. You easily switched gears from students to adults between the two programs. The way you were able to reach over 500 students ranging in age from 5 to 19 years old in one student assembly was truly amazing. You offered something for everyone and I was hard pressed to find an individual in the audience who was not tuned in to your work.

Your messages on self-esteem and dealing with disruptions in our lives could not have come at a better time.

~ Jim Chesebrough
Lin-Wood Public School

I have never seen such mass laughter at William Arthur. Your presentation certainly helped our workplace realize that change is important and laughter can help to deal with it.

~ Dotty Leavitt
William Arthur

You did a superb job of weaving the Woodard & Curran buzzwords and issues into the program in a natural and effective way.

~ Douglas J. McKeown
Woodard & Curran

Make sure you visit the Rest room before a Randy Judkins presentation! We recommend Randy Judkins as an entertainer, a philosopher, a motivator, coach, and quite possibly an agility trainer.

~ Rick Beaulieu
Springer's Jewelers

The presentation had you teaching our staff how to juggle at our company holiday party in Dec. 2011. You not only had everyone juggling but also laughing uncontrollably. We had so much fun. It was a perfect end to a very busy year for us.

~ Scott Harriman
Cumberland County Federal Credit Union

Your presentation was fabulous! The Project SEARCH students responded right away to your humor, your incredible talent, and also to the manner in which you tucked the message inside your performance. Some quotes from the students:

"The combo of entertainment and inspiration. He made a slightly boring topic incredibly interesting and entertaining."
"The energy and enthusiasm of the speaker was amazing."
"I liked the fact that he put entertainment into the motivation instead of pushing it on us."
"I loved it! It was great!"

~ Cindy Schram
University of New Hampshire

You easily switched gears from students to adults between the two programs.

~ Jim Chesebrough
Lin-Wood Public School

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