What’s this About?

Randy Judkins has become recognized throughout the United States as a popular new vaudeville variety performing artist, an entertaining motivational speaker, master teacher and performance consultant.

Randy began his career in 1975 with the goal of performing in every town in the beautiful state of Maine. However, word of his playful, engaging performances spread beyond his home state and he was soon performing in the greater New England area and beyond. While he still travels outside of New England for events and presentations, Randy is still fully committed to his original goal of performing in every town in “Vacationland.”

To read stories about Randy’s travels, both within New England and beyond, visit the “Where’s Randy” page.

Randy is available for school presentations, corporate events, festivals, parties, theatre workshops, and more. He speaks about self-esteem, anti-bullying, team-building, creativity, change, and more, or simply adds humor and warmth to your event! His presentations are adapted to fit any age group or situation, from middle school assemblies to corporate retreats.

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You did a superb job of weaving the Woodard & Curran buzzwords and issues into the program in a natural and effective way.

~ Douglas J. McKeown
Woodard & Curran

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